Spiritual Orphans & The Call

If we, as believers and disciples, choose to make excuses for not following Christ’s words and the Lord’s commands to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and bring those that are poor and cast out into our homes, then we are prioritizing our own understanding, our house, our stuff, and our families ahead of the Lord and following Him. If you claim to be a follower of Christ, then do the good works commanded of you so that we may, as the body of Christ, be the light unto the world. We are not called as believers or disciples to mince the words of Christ or to pick and choose which commands we wish to follow, but rather to uphold them and obey them. Follow and obey Him always; even if you have a spouse or children, or your family ends up despising you or rejecting you, or others say you are foolish, or someone steals from you - always obey Christ and his commands.


Polygamy: A Biblically-Approved Lifestyle

Contrary to popular belief, polygamy is not a sin in Scripture. In the Bible, the Lord shows us three approved lifestyle choices for a man to have (in terms of his relationship with women): singleness, monogamous, or polygamous. In both the Old and New Testament, the Lord approves of all three of these types of lifestyles for men to have. It is not evil or wrong in the eyes of the Lord to be single, to be monogamous, or to be polygamous.

First Entry: Why “Princess In A Tent”?

Before I began my journey into ministry three years ago, I was a total "princess". Although I have gone through many trials, struggles, and hardships in the past three years, most people, even those that I minister to, still think of me as a "princess". Right now, I travel in a beaten-up Durango with electrical issues and sleep out of a tent. Apparently I'm still a princess...in a tent.