Friend’s Amazing Testimony of Love – “Africa, Hope, and Dirt”

My friend Liz has an AMAZING testimony that she recently shared. I love this Sister-in-Christ and love the testimony the Lord has been able to give her - of the love of the Lord pulling her through her darkest times and bringing miraculous (supernatural) truth and healing to those she is sent to. Please read, … Continue reading Friend’s Amazing Testimony of Love – “Africa, Hope, and Dirt”


This is Life

I'm so sorry for all of you 9-to-5er's, or 3-to-11er's....or whatever shift you work. You can only enjoy this beautiful weather for so long. I gave up working for money just so I could go home and then go back to work hours later. It was unsatisfying and depressing; living this lifestyle, I can enjoy God's creations anytime, anywhere. That's not to say that I don't have bills to pay - it's just that...